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Traffic Pedestrian Housing

Traffic pedestrian signal protect pedestrian signal from damaging. Its dimension and sizes are in accrodance with traffic light types and usages and they are made of best materials. 

Product Specification

1 :

Electrical specification of plastic materials: 
1. All parts of pedestrian signal housings are made of black-coloured polycarbonate materials, which are the best for pedestrian signals. These materials are anti UV , dust and moisture resistant. They also work in temperature between -35 to +85°C. 
Pedestrian signal housings are made of recyclable polymer materials and they are environment friendly. 
2. All the parts of pedestrian signal housings are designed in a way that can be opened, closed and replaced easily.  
3. There is a special plastic between door and body of pedestrian signal that make it water and dust resistant.. 
4. LED pedestrian signal body has three seperate houses that connect together with three screw. There are signal poles in upper and lower part of pedestrian signal that help to install signal to the pedestrian signal pillar. It help to adjust appropriate visual angle and a cable that go through it. 
5. Lens is made of transparent polycarbonate materials. It has appropriate resistance to work in 
environment and its colour garranty is 5 years.

2 :

: Parts and components of signal housings: 

1. body of pedestrian signal: Pedestrian signal modules are placed in signal housing and protect it from external dangers ( like: wind, raining, etc.). 
2. pedestrian signal housing’s door: Signal module is installed on it with 4 metal joints. 
3. Hood: It installed on top of door and protect module from sunshine. 
4. Poles: They are made of polycarbonate materials and it has high resistance.