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LED Solar Light

LED Solar traffic light (flashing or non-flashing) is used in the intersections without sufficient condition for the ordinary traffic light such as lack of electricity power equipment and those sites full of dangerous hidden troubles. Using the new technology of solar cell, the cost of cable is is convenient, economic, and the problem of frequent power cut will be solved. The new energy-saving technology uses advanced LEDs to optimize the indicator performance. Incandescent bulb converts only 20% of energy into visible light whereas in LED technology nearly 100% of energy converts.

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Technical specification 
Solar LED Traffic Lights are designed in a way that use solar energy for lightening flashing lights in red and amber colours. This product is made of this parts: 
1) LED traffic light module 
2) Intelligent system for energy adjustment 
3) Battery 
4) Solar cell 
5) Solar light and its connections 

1) LED traffic light module 
LED traffic lights produce luminous intensity of 400 candles in appropriate manner and reduce consumption power up to 10 watt. LED trafic lights have 204 LEDs, one of them with duty of giving one -sided illumination and the other with duty of setting the point of the light. 
LED traffic lights are moisture, dust and vibration resistant . 
1-1 Electrical specification 
• The isolator surface of LED traffic lights can bear electrical voltage of 1000VAC. ( Isolator resistance is more than 30 MΩ.) 
• Yellow and red traffic light module power at flashing time is 5 watt. 
• Solar lights board is made of fiber glass with green press and guidance. 
• LEDs are placed in a way that burning one of LEDs did not affect whole performance of signal. 
• Module circuits are designed in a way that internal and external changes do not affect its performance. 
• Control system has a automatic solar sensor which adjust light intensity during day and night. This adjustment is in the way that 10% of module lights decrease during night. 
• Two or four light can work simultanously. 
• Charging circuits avoid decharging more than 80%. 
1-2 Optical specification 

• The luminous intensity of 300mm diameter LED traffic signals with angle of 30° in 25° C is 400 candle. 
• Wavelength of three-coloured LED traffic signals: 
Colour Wavelength 
1 Red 600-650 
2 Yellow 550-585 

• Luminous intensity of yellow light with 15° is 11000mcd and 30° is 3000mcd. 
• Luminous intensity of red light with 15° is 12000mcd and 30° is 33000mcd. 
• The used LEDs are traffical LEDs and they are UV resistance. 
• Solar lights’ life time is 100,000 hours. 

2)Intelligent system for energy adjustment 
This electronic circuit of solar module can measure the battery and solar cell voltage with a micro controller and wisely program it in accordance with LED module energy consumption. And batteries will be charged in appropriate time. 
• Changing luminous intensity of lamp with wavelength of PWM during night in order to reduce energy consumption. 
• Eliminating the modification impact on battery and solar cell voltage. 
• Preventing from ─░nordinate charging of battery. 
• Preventing from damages to the battery in the case of energy leakage. 
• Produce flashindg lights 
• Ability to reduce one third of luminous intensity during night . 
• Ability of flashing unlimited flashing lights simultaneously. 

In the cases that there is no access to solar energy, the solar light can use 12 V acid battery with 7.5 Ah capacity for single-housed light. 
• Ability of providing energy of modules for 7 days in the case of outage of solar cells. 
• Battery installed in housing. 
• Maximum battery charging time is 12 hours. 
• Battery life time: 3 years 
• Warranty: 18 months 

4) Solar cell 
• Single-housed light solar can use power of 10 watt and it is made in SUNTECH company. 

• Life time: 10 years 

• Solar cell panel is made in accordance with Europian standards and its output is more than 15%. 

• Solar cell panel rotate for 360°. 

• Soalr cell panel is shiftable. 

• Solar cell panel is anti electrostatic.

5)Solar light and its connections 

• All the coonectors of solar lights are dust and moisture resistant. 
• All the parts of traffic signal bodies are designed in a way that can be opened, closed and replaced easily. 
• Solar lens diameter is 300mm but only its 2800mm is visible. 
• LED modules are designed in a way that can install on all the signal housings. 
• Signal body thickness is 2 mm. 
• Signal body can be adjusted on horizontal axis. 
• Poles and its connectors are designed in a way that can adjust in vertical axis. After installing it will not bend or reflex. 
• Lens and filters are made of transparent polycarbonate materials.