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Shakti Traffic Signal GPS Interface Module

Cable less co-ordination of traffic signal controller is achieved by accurate built in battery backed Real time clock with CLF control Strategy. This kind of system needs periodic connection of real time clock to maintain co-ordination. A GPS module Interface to controller will track the real time data from satellite and download it to the controller clock which result in zero relative time drift among the controller automatically.

Microcontroller                        :  89C51
RTC                                          :  Non volatile build in RTC
Type                                          :  Open type /modular in MS Cabinet
Operating Voltage                  :  5 Volt DC (from controller)
Operating temperature         :  0 to 55 degree centigrade
Display                                     :  LCD with Backlight (Optional)
Output                                       :  RS 485 / RS 232 Complete
Auto Correction                       :  Power up, periodic (programmable)
GPS receiver                           :  Built in for NAVSTAR
GPS Antenna                          :  Externally mountable for NAVSTAR