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Shakti - Traffic signal system Specification

1.  General:-

The Shakti manufactured   traffic controller has been designed to confirm to Indian standard specification IS: 7537-1794 and British Standard specification No. BS: 505-71. Wherever applicable standard international practices.

The controller is solid state and has no moving parts. The controller employ fully IC controlled circuitry sided glass epoxy PCB’s having plug in system for easy maintenance and operation, system design is such that it takes care of conflicting lights on opposite roads and has short circuit protection in optically isolated outputs.


2.   Capability of the controller

The basic controller is capable of being operated in any of the following modes.

  • Independent fixed time controller at an isolated intersection.
  • As a manually operated controller with operational switch.
  • AS a part of microcontroller based multi programmable system.


3.  Hardware:-

a.     CPU                              -  89C55WD (ATMEL).

b.     Memory                        -  NVRAM (build in battery backup) with 10 year data retention.

c.     Clock                            -  RTC(DALLAS or MOTOROLA) with accuracy <0.5 second per month

d.     Protection                    -  Auto shutdown on power fluctuation beyond the limit.

e.     Output switching        - Through solid state devices with zero cross over an optically  Isolated.

f.      Manual control            - Output off, auto/manual step, signal blinker, push switch panel.

g.     Programming             -  built in keyboard and seven segment display facility.

h.     Communication         -  provision for RS-485 communication ports facility.

i.      Supply voltage            -  170v to 220v AC ,50Hz,or DC

j.      Load per output          -  800 Watts.


4.  Features

  • 30 signal plans
  • 12 day plans
  • 1 flash plan
  • 12 holiday plan
  • 1 all red plan
  • 16 confide  plan
  • 24 cycle plan
  • 48 signal output
  • 32 cycle Switching (Auto mode)


5.  Signal sequence

a)      Vehicular groups             Red-Green-Amber                Blink\ON\OFF Mode

b)      Pedestrian                        Red-Green                              Blink\ON\OFF Mode


6.  Front Panel controls

  • ON/OFF switch                             
  • Stage indicators                            
  • Auto/manual switch
  • Control circuit fuse                       
  • 8 digit 7-segment display
  • Push switch
  • Control circuit supply indicator   
  • Keyboard for onsite programming
  •  Flash mode switch